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Projects and Test Suites

Logging in to your account will take you to your projects page that lists all of your projects. You can click on a particular project in the list to view the tests it contains.

Visual UI testing: home page

In the projects menu, you can see the Tests Dashboard (opened by default) where you can record and execute your tests or manage the entire project using the appropriate controls.

Visual UI testing: manage project and tests

To go to the Suites Dashboard, click on the ‘Suites’ tab at the right.

Visual UI testing: suites menu

Suites allow you to run your tests in a particular order. To create a suite, click Create Suite, and provide the suite name and description in the popup menu.

Visual UI testing: create suites
Visual UI testing: create suite pop-up

Now, you can drag and drop tests to a test suite draft to run them in a specific order.

Visual UI testing:adding tests to suites

The created suite allows you to run tests and monitor test runs.

Visual UI testing: suite status

You can also visit the Release History page to check what’s new and what has been improved in your current Screenster version.

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