Screenster vs Sauce Labs: cloud testing tools compared

In the brave new world of 2017, UI regression testing tools shouldn’t take days to set up. Elimination of setup and configurations pains makes one solid case for taking your QA infrastructure to the cloud. Another obvious case for running tests on the cloud is streamlined collaboration — after all, software testing is a team effort.

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What is Regression Testing? Techniques and best practices

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that we are pretty serious about regression testing best practices. Visual regressions were the arch-enemies of our product AjaxSwing. To overcome them, we even created our own automated regression testing tool.

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Most important facts about regression testing tools in 2017

Why visual regression testing is so important

The World Wide Web is swarming with sites and web apps of all sorts. Each year, the competition keeps growing hotter in every segment.

For instance, this year there were almost 2.5 million of applications in Google Play alone. Nearly each day, a fresh new project gets released somewhere. Pick a specific niche, do a quick research, and you will find several rivaling companies com1peting in it.

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5 reasons to choose Screenster over your current UI testing automation tool

Looking for an efficient codeless solution for UI testing automation? Meet Screenster, a new cloud-based platform that brings speed and simplicity to UI testing. Here are five reasons why we’re different from (and better than 😉) our competition.

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12 features that every UI testing automation tool must have

What software do you use for UI testing automation? For that matter, how did you come to choose the solution that you’re currently using?

Making lists is always handy, so let’s do exactly that. Below, you will find a list of requirements that we deem must-have for every modern tool used for automated user interface testing. When working on it, we’ve used the feedback from our customers — and from our competitors as well.

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Let’s talk about Selenium competitors for UI regression testing

With so many UI testing tools posing themselves as direct competitors to Selenium, which one do you choose? And why opt for a Selenium competitor in the first place?

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The Rise of Automated Testing Platforms

It’s 2017, and software testing is as important as ever — so is choosing the right automated testing platform. So how do you make the right choice given the number of available automated software testing tools?

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Web regression testing: why move to cloud-based platforms?

My colleague once told me that regression testing is the single best reason why QA automation exists. According to the same person, doing web regression testing the right way is a major challenge in most projects.

So what is so challenging about it? And more importantly, why taking web regression testing to the cloud is a good idea?

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Selenium IDE alternatives for UI testing

If you’re searching for good Selenium IDE alternatives, you’re not alone. People discuss alternative record-playback IDEs all the time, on every testing automation forum I’ve seen. So why do we still talk about Selenium IDE?

One obvious reason is its “big brother”, Selenium WebDriver. Ask any tester what the default UI test automation framework is, and they’ll name Selenium. No wonder that Selenium IDE comes to mind first thing whenever someone’s looking for record-playback solutions for UI regression testing. If Selenium is great for writing UI tests, its IDE should be equally great, right?

Well, not quite…

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Why is manual regression testing still happening in 2017?

Where does manual regression testing fit in the software testing process? In fact, does it even make sense to test software manually, given the sheer number of automated regression testing tools available?

I bet you’ve seen people ask similar questions on StackOverflow — as well as a good dozen of articles exploring the topic. So why would you need another post on the same topic?

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